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⭐⭐⭐Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Course

⭐⭐⭐Voted Our Most Popular Course for a Fast-Track to Success

  • 8 hr
  • Price on Application
  • Zoom Webinar

Service Description

This bespoke Diversity and Inclusion course is tailored to your organisation; Voted our most popular course, it is ideal for any organisation starting to think about diversity and inclusion or that has already a few diversity and inclusion initiatives in place but needs to better understand what diversity and inclusion means, what a good diversity and inclusion framework looks like and what practical diversity and inclusion steps can be implemented immediately to set the organisation up for success. Benefits: * Ensure that all leaders and HR professionals have the same definition of diversity, inclusion and belonging * Learn a simple and effective diversity and inclusion framework that organisations can implement immediately * Discover practical diversity and inclusion steps and tips that each attendee can implement instantly *Topics covered in the "Diversity & Inclusion Framework Workshop": Definitions of diversity, employee awareness, organisational component, leadership support, systematic approach to change, mentoring platform, different models of diversity, logic models, inclusion management competencies for systemic change, generational impact, unconscious bias, micro-affirmations, micro-inequalities, perpetual acceptance, organisational unconscious, hidden bias, diversity and inclusion assessment tool, the 4 stages of the organisation in regards to diversity, workforce composition, diversity indicators, diverse workforce in leadership, leadership development for a diverse workforce, internal leadership support, diverse supplier component, leadership accountability, disproportionality index, professional development, assessment and evaluation *Topics covered in the "Practical Allyship Workshop": Privilege, allies, sponsors, biased language, intent, advocacy, network, micro aggressions, micro behaviour, inclusive events, hiring practices, meetings best practices, active allyship, feedback, recommendations, promotions. This live, interactive course is usually taken over the course of a week and can be hosted at the client's premises or online and includes: * 1 coaching session (pre-course) with the course leader * 1 self-assessment questionnaires for all attendees * 1 live and interactive workshop "Diversity & Inclusion Framework" (4 hours) * 1 live and interactive workshop "Practical Allyship for Inclusive Leaders" (4 hours) * 1 post-course coaching session with your course leader * 1 workplace-related assignment for all attendees

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