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"Invite everyone to your table and they will bring everything to the table"

Perrine Farque

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Perrine's WHY for speaking

As a woman who worked for over a decade in technology organisations, including Facebook, PagerDuty, Pivotal, AvePoint, Nlyte Software, I personally experienced feeling excluded and feeling like I did not belong.


I made it my personal mission to empower leaders to leverage diversity and inclusion as their secret competitive advantage. I believe that by making everyone feel included and feel like they have a voice, organisations can become market leaders and achieve success.


I believe that my personal experience of exclusion at work can serve as an example for leaders to understand how inclusion and diversity can be their greatest advantage to succeed. I believe that the world needs more inclusive and diverse cultures, to build new products and services that reflect the diversity of the entire population.

Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Topics

Include, Connect, Unite

Most leaders focus on growing their organisation by using the same old strategies without significant results. Very few leaders understand the unfair competitive advantage of diversity and inclusion. In this diversity & inclusion speaker session, Perrine Farque articulates the little-known secrets that very few leaders use to successfully grow their business. 



  • Discover the most effective approach to diversity and inclusion to develop a successful business strategy


  • Understand how to build a successful organisation by focusing on the right priority


  • Learn how to build a high-performing team to become a market leader in your industry


Perrine was a pleasure to deal with, she delivered an excellent and passionate keynote on diversity

- Mark Beaker, Dublin Tech Summit

Similing Team

The power of inclusion

Most team leaders have good intentions to help employees from minority groups but often they don’t have the right tools. From awkward efforts to be helpful, to complete counterproductive actions, a lack of education on how to support all employees can lead to disasters. In this diversity & inclusion speaker session, Perrine Farque shares her top tips to help team leaders understand privilege, sponsorship, biased language, intent, advocacy, network, microaggressions, and more so that they can instantly create an outstanding team that outperforms all other teams. 



  • Ensure that you understand the benefit of diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace

  • Discover some key practical allyship steps that you can implement instantly to create the most performing team

Perrine has a great approach to managing this key topic, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

- Joel Harrison, B2B Marketing

Tackling unconscious bias to thrive

Unconscious bias affects our decisions all the time, especially in the workplace. In this diversity & inclusion speaker session, Perrine Farque looks at the definition of unconscious bias, explores the impact it can have at work and offers key suggestions for mitigating bias in the workplace.



  • Understand how unconscious bias is impacting the organisation

  • Learn some practical tips to prevent unconscious bias

  • Discover how to create sustainable strategies to mitigate bias

Rugby Tackle

Perrine provided a great presentation for our audience, I would highly recommend her as a speaker!

- Matthew Di Liddo - Evoke

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