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Our Interview with Salary Finance’s Senior HR Manager Anisha Tank: Everything You Need To Know

Today we meet with Senior HR Manager Anisha Tank, who leads the HR efforts at Salary Finance. Salary Finance is the UK's fastest growing employee benefits platform which partners with employers to improve employee wellbeing by helping get people out of debt and into saving. As an HR Professional with 15 years experience in onboarding, talent acquisition, recruiting and employee benefits, Anisha has worked with leading technology companies including Pivotal Software and WonderBill. Anisha shares with us some key learnings that she gained during her career in Human Resources.

What is your experience as an HR Business Partner?

I have been in HR since I graduated back in 2005, with several years of experience at a generalist HRBP level across different sectors. Primarily I have been working in tech and fintech. I am CIPD qualified and through my years of experience have gained exposure to all things HR. Having worked on setting up the HR function to leading and recreating processes from onboarding to employee engagement. Working with leadership on linking HR strategy to the end business goals, focusing on leadership training and line manager adapting to people needs. Whilst reporting on metrics and figures for the business around turnover, engagement and diversity stats.

What are the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career as a HR Professional?

The first lesson is communication is key - there are a lot of things taken out of context and thus our own biases and interpretations are put on certain situations, listening is far more important, letting others have their say. You have to have more empathy than sympathy as a HR professional, individuals want to be heard and shown they matter. Individuals no matter what level have different things that motivate them. You have to be approachable and a good manager is important.

Why do you think that diversity and inclusion are so important to the success of HR Professionals in the current climate?

Diversity and Inclusion are an important topic that should be on the forefront of all companies to help employees feel valued and accepted. It is known that companies perform better and having a diverse inclusive workforce will improve the Employer Value Proposition. Productivity and employee engagement within teams in this current climate is important, having a diverse team increases creativity and improves deeper cultural recognition. During current times it is important to encourage cross collaboration and communication, building relationships within the company and with our external partners. Having a diverse workforce helps encourage this and enables employees to develop wider skills and adapt accordingly.

To find out more about Anisha Tank, follow her on Linkedin. To find out more about the UK's fastest growing employee benefits platform Salary Finance, follow them on Twitter and on Linkedin.

How we can help:

At Inspired Human, we help companies place diversity and inclusion at the top of their leadership team’s agenda. We can help get real commitment to tangible change on diversity and inclusion in your organisation. Book your free hour-long consultation today.

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