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How men and women are supporting each other during COVID-19

How COVID-19 brings a better culture at home and at work

As we are now entering week 4 of lockdown in the UK due to COVID-19, I have noticed a big change in how men and women are coming together more than ever before. Especially at home, in household with children, where the pressure to work, look after the children and keep the house in order is especially high, I see husbands and wives work together and support each other more than ever before. I see husbands being presents for their wives and offering extra morale support during tough times. I see husbands bringing this all-necessary laughter and making those jokes to lighten the mood at home. I see patience, resilience, empathy, compassion. I see that sense of “we are in it together” and “I got you”. I noticed this shift at work as well where male colleagues text me to ask how I am doing with the kids at home 24/7 and with work. I see managers reaching out to female colleagues and checking in on them and asking how home-working is going with home-schooling. I see customers and partners changing their approach from “how can I sell” to “how can I help”. I see men being extra compassionate with their female colleagues who have kids at home. I see the positivity that comes out of this situation, I see a more compassionate culture, a more gender-friendly approach and a more inclusive mindset. I believe that companies will come out of this with a better education on the importance of having a compassionate, inclusive culture. We got this, we are stronger together.



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